Suspension Kits - Front

  • OASU912700T $630.00 Suspension Kit Front (Trail)

    Lift front: 35mm (approx) with oem bumper. 
    Suits vehicles with oem bumper or light bullbar.

  • OASU912700E $630.00 Suspension Kit Front (Expedition)

    Lift front: 35mm (approx) with steel bullbar. 
    Suits vehicles with steel bullbar & medium front loads.

Suspension Kits - Rear

  • OASU922700T $1250.00 Suspension Kit Rear (Trail)

    Lift rear: 35mm (unladen)

  • OASU922700E $1270.00 Suspension Kit Rear (Expedition)

    Lift rear: 35mm (@ approx 150kg load)

  • OASU922700H $1320.00 Suspension Kit Rear (Expedition HD)

    Lift rear: 35mm (@ approx 650kg load)

Suspension Components

Shock Absorbers & Struts

  • OASU0854007 $200.00 Front Struts

    54mm twin tube, synthetic dust boot

  • OASU0154008 $165.00 Rear Shock Absorbers

    54mm twin tube, synthetic dust boot

Coil Springs

  • OASU1027001 $230.00 Front Coil Springs (Trail)

    Lift front: 25mm to 45mm (height adjustable struts) 
    Suits oem bumper and light bullbar

  • OASU1027003 $230.00 Coil Springs Front (Expedition)

    Lift front: 35mm to 45mm (height adjustable struts) 
    Suits steel bullbar and winch combinations

Leaf Springs

  • OASU1127001 $280.00 Leaf Springs (Trail)

    Lift rear: 35mm (unladen)

  • OASU1127002 $290.00 Leaf Springs (Expedition)

    Lift rear: 35mm (@ approx 150kg load)

  • OASU1127003 $315.00 Leaf Springs (Expedition HD)

    Lift rear: 35mm (@ approx 650kg load)


  • OASU210026K $300.00 Leaf Spring Bush Kit

    12 polyurethane bushes & 6 inner tubes


  • OASU2384001 $15.00 U-bolts

    M14 x 84 ID (RND) x 215 L


Snatch Kit - Small Truck

Whenever you go off-road you should take the equipment with you to recover your vehicle if you find yourself stuck.  It is important to use the correctly rated straps and attachments to suit the size and weight (GVM) of your vehicle.

With the essentials you need for a quick snatch recovery, load your existing recovery equipment into the kit or add more items as you go.

This kit is perfect for those with a truck between 2 and 3T GVM.

Kits Contents:
1 x 6 Tonne 9 Metre Snatch Strap
2 x 4.75T Rated Bow Shackle
1 x Hook Strap
1 x Recovery Bag - Medium 

PRICE: $139.00


Winch Utility Kit

The Outback Armour winch utility kit is perfect for all 4WD winching applications.

Kits Contents:
1 x 10T/20M Winch Extension Strap
1 x 10T/5M Tree Trunk Protector
2 x 4.75T Rated Bow Shackle
1 x 5.75T Rated Bow Shackle
1 x 10T Rated Snatch Block
1 x Recovery Blanket
1 x Recovery Gloves - Medium/Large
1 x Recovery Gloves - Extra Large
1 x Hook Strap
1 x Recovery Bag - Medium 

PRICE: $389.00



Anti-Roll Bars

Rhett's Automotive offers three aftermarket front anti-roll bars in order to properly tune the suspension of your Amarok.  They are especially appropriate for vehicles fitted with aftermarket heavy duty coils, but can also be used to good effect on vehicles fitted with original spring rates.  They are all less firm than the original very firm bar, with the aim of improving roadholding over bumps, creating a comfortable ride, increasing offroad ability through more flex, reducing stress on the chassis and interior noise over bumps, and reducing understeer.  The resistance to body roll is similar to comparable vehicles.

RAVAARB28 - $349 incl.gst. plus any postage.  This bar is the firmest we offer.  It is most suited to Amarok's that have regular high/heavy/rearward loading, such as can occur with the fitment of a service body, or when a canopy, drawers, roofrack, and rear mounted spare tyre are fitted.  It is also suitable for owners that want to maintain the original very-flat cornering characteristics.

RAVAARB26 - $349 incl.gst. plus any postage.  This bar is our mid range offering.  It is our generally recommended bar for the Amarok.  It maintains a flat cornering behaviour.  If this bar appeals to you but your Amarok has original spring rates, you should select the next size up bar.

RAVAARB25 - $349 incl.gst. plus any postage.  This bar is our softest offering.  It is most suited to Amarok's that spend most of their time unloaded or lightly loaded, and owners that want maximum comfort and offroad ability.  If this bar appeals to you but your Amarok has original spring rates, you should select the next size up bar.

All of the bars come with new brackets and bushes.


Foglight Blanks Rhino Bar

$175 incl.gst plus any postage.
-  Super bright stainless steel.
-  Suitable for the original and the updated styles of Rhino front bar on the Amarok.
-  No rust issues, Neat styling, Strong.
-  Do you want to give your car an individual look?
-  Is your car a base model without wiring for foglights?
-  Do your foglights have condensation inside?
-  Have your foglights filled with water from a water crossing?
-  Has your car struck an animal and destroyed a foglight or plastic surround?
-  Do you reckon foglights are only needed on cars that live near fog, which isnt much of Australia?
-  As soon as you fit driving lights you wont use the foglights for finding campsites or anything else.


Mudflap Trimming

$45 labour for all four
$25 labour for a pair

When people go 4wding in their Amarok there is a high incidence of ripping at and removal of mud flaps.  They are semi-rigid and hang low.  It is better to deal with it in advance rather than lose one at the beach, have to rescue one from a rocky creek, or from the middle of a muddy boghole!


 Amarok Suspension Guide

In early 2014 i purchased an Amarok and have since daily driven the vehicle in urban environments and done an extensive range of off road trips, including dirt roads, corrugations, sand, mud, ruts and rocks, with different loading conditions.  I have tested a variety of suspension configurations and come to know the suspension well.

The original coils fitted to the front of the Amarok are okay for a standard Amarok in standard conditions.  In offroad conditions such as when using speed to climb a sand track or dune, or if you underestimate a washout and go too fast, the front suspension can bottom harshly.  Adding weight to the front such as a bullbar, winch, etc, will worsen it.  If you want more confidence in your Amarok in offroad conditions heavy duty raised height coils are recommended.

Front Anti-Roll Bar
The original equipment anti-roll bar fitted to the front of the Amarok is so firm that it dominates the behaviour of the front suspension.  My testing has revealed that the original anti-roll bar has a stiffness of 675lbs/in, and the original coils have a stiffness of 580lbs/in.  This means that when one front wheel strikes a bump the anti-roll bar is providing more stiffness in the equation than the coil itself.

Most people think that anti-roll bars only play a role during cornering, and some people are aware that they also limit suspension flex.  However, the only time the anti-roll bar is not playing a role is when both front wheels move in the same direction the same amount at the same time, being either upwards or downwards.  An example of this is when a speed bump or spoon drain is struck perfectly head-on, in those cases the anti-roll bar could have been removed and it would have made no difference.  If however the vehicle strikes these obstacles at any angle the anti-roll bar will play a role, generally tossing the occupants side-to-side in the cabin.

Some problems that arise from having an anti-roll bar that is too firm are an uncomfortable ride, reduced roadholding over bumps, understeer, increased stress on the chassis, increased noise over bumps, and poor flex which reduces offroad ability.  A comfortable ride will never be achieved with an Amarok while the original front anti-roll bar is fitted.

When heavy duty coils are fitted they reduce body roll, which means that the original anti-roll bar is now more than too stiff.  The suspension is ideally retuned with a softer anti-roll bar in order to have similar anti-roll to a standard Amarok.

The Amarok original suspension is biased towards German road conditions.  Unlike some other manufacturers Volkswagon has not tuned the suspension for the local conditions found in Australia, nor other countries.  Although the Amarok can carry a substantial load, i have never regarded it as a ‘truck’, and it certainly does not have to ride like one.  If your partner says she doesn't want to go offroading, maybe comfort is a factor.

Front Shock Absorbers
The original equipment front shock absorbers fitted to the Amarok unfortunately have insufficient damping.  In particular the rebound damping is inadequate to match the stiffness of the original coils, allowing the vehicle to rebound too quickly.  This results in an uncomfortable ride, and in some circumstances a slightly floaty ride.

They also have a clevis at the bottom of the shock absorber that can fail in severe circumstances.  When it fails it renders the vehicle undriveable, and often results in collateral damage to the driveshafts and constant velocity joints.

The fitment of specific brands of heavy duty shock absorbers solves these problems, and provides other benefits, such as adjustable height lower coil seats, and greater heat handling capacity.  When heavy duty coils are fitted heavy duty shock absorbers should also be fitted to match the rebound characteristics of the coils. 

The original leaves fitted to the rear of the Amarok are good at carrying heavy loads and reducing body roll, however, they are uncomfortable and offer limited flex offroad unless there is 500kg or more of load.  I was embarrassed to put passengers in the rear seats of my car, and even with people and camping gear on trips I still found the vehicle uncomfortable.  By utilising modified leaf spring designs a better compromise can be reached, whatever your load carrying and off road needs.

Rear Shock Absorbers
The original Amarok rear shock absorbers are generally satisfactory for a standard vehicle in standard conditions.  When the vehicle is heavily loaded, taken offroad, or aftermarket leaf springs are fitted, aftermarket heavy duty shock absorbers are appropriate.  They have firmer damping characteristics, greater heat handling capability, and some have longer travel.  Longer travel is appropriate for raised leaves, and improves flex and hence offroad ability.